| McAfee Retail Card Activation | McAfee Activate steps to download and install, activate your Mcafee Product via mcafee activate. for more information visit: Are you facing the trouble to download, install and activate the McAfee product to the device? Follow the stepwise procedure detailed here for successfully activating the McAfee subscription using the redeemed McAfee Activation License Keycode.

McAfee is one of the giant tech firms that have been offering the advanced protection to the users’ device and also keep them stay connected to the digital world without having the risk of online threats. For avoiding all the online threats, McAfee has developed its various products having the advanced features like inbound and outbound firewall, on-access scanner, daily definition updates and many more. Some of the popular McAfee products are as follows:

  • McAfee LiveSafe
  • McAfee VirusScan
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor
  • McAfee Antivirus Plus

How to get McAfee antivirus?

Before getting the McAfee product on the device, the users should be ensured regarding the compatibility of their device with the McAfee product they want to install. Some of the minimum system requirements have been detailed below:

  • For Windows Device:
  1. Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 & 8, and Windows 7
  2. Hard Disk Space: More than 500 MB
  3. High Speed Internet Connection
  4. Web Browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox
  • For Mac Device:
  1. Operating System: Apple Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra), Apple Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra), Apple Mac OS 10.11, and Apple Mac OS 10.10
  2. Hard Disk Space: More than 300 MB
  3. Web Browser: Apple Safari
  4. High-Speed internet connection

Thus, for offering the protection to the users’ device using the McAfee antivirus products, they need to follow the interrelated procedures listed below:

  • Purchase
  • Download
  • Install
  • Activate

The steps getting the McAfee protection on the device are as follows:

  1. Choose either of the ways for purchasing the McAfee product.
    • Launch the web browser on the device and then, make an access to the official website of McAfee. Navigate the “Products” page for selecting the desired McAfee product.
    • Go to the nearby retail store and purchase the desired McAfee antivirus offline pack.
  2. After completing the McAfee purchase, proceed towards the next procedures i.e. McAfee download and install.
    • To do so, login to the McAfee account. If the McAfee account of the users does not exists then, they may create an account by clicking the “Register Now” option.
    • After signing in to the McAfee account, go to “My Account” option.
    • Now, click the “Subscriptions” option.
    • A list of the subscribed McAfee product will be displayed to the users. From this list, select the McAfee subscription that the users want to install on their device.
    • And then, tap the “Add Device” button displayed in front of the McAfee subscription.
    • After this, select the type of device on which the users want to install the McAfee Subscription.
    • Now, click the “Download” button.
    • By default the McAfee setup will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder. The users could easily change the location of download, when prompted.
    • For initializing the process of McAfee installation, go to the folder where the McAfee setup has been downloaded.
    • Now, select the McAfee setup file by double clicking on it and then, click the “Install” button, when prompted.
    • After this, follow the on-screen prompts for completing the process of McAfee installation.
    • At last, go through the McAfee License Agreement.
    • And then, mark the “I Accept” checkbox for making an agreement to this license agreement.
    • After this, click the “Continue” button.
  3. Once the installation gets successfully completed, the users need to activate the McAfee product
  4. To activate, launch the McAfee user interface and then, go to the “McAfee Activate” section.
  5. Here, type the “McAfee Activation Keycode” in the space provided to the users.
  6. And then, click the “Activate” button.

How to redeem Keycode?

McAfee Activation Keycode refers to the 25-character alpha numeric keycode that allows the users to activate the McAfee product to their device. The redemption of the McAfee Activation Keycode depends upon the mode selected by the users for purchasing the McAfee products. When the users purchase the McAfee product through retail stores, the McAfee License Keycode comes as a retail card being attached at the back of the purchased product called the McAfee Retail Card.

Apart from the McAfee Activation License Keycode, the McAfee Retail Card consists of a link that enables the users to download or install the latest version to their device, instead of inserting the CD of the McAfee Activate to the system.

After the users have completed the process of purchasing McAfee online product, the McAfee Activation License Keycode is received as the order confirmation emails to the users email address registered by them. Thus, it is mandatory for the users to redeem the McAfee Activation Keycode. By followings the steps mentioned below, the users can easily redeem the McAfee Activation Keycode:

  • Open the web browser to access the McAfee activation page by using the link as
  • Now, on the activation page, a form will be displayed to the users that need to be filled with all the required details.
  • Here, manually select the “Country” and “Language”, as it has been specified on the McAfee Retail Card.
  • And then, enter the “McAfee Activation Keycode” and the “email address” of the users to the corresponding fields.
  • After this, click the “Submit” button.
  • Now, a window will be prompted displayed all the details fed by the users as the summary. Here, ensure that whether the users’ email address is correct or not.
  • If the email address found to be incorrect then, the users can make changes by taping the “Edit” option.
  • At last, click the “Verify” button.
  • Thus, the subscription of the McAfee Activate gets activated.

Call the McAfee Customer Support number, if the users face any error or issue while performing the aforementioned stepwise procedure for getting the McAfee product to the device or redeeming the McAfee Activation Keycode.

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