How to Optimize the Device Boot Speed using McAfee Startup Settings?

All the McAfee Antivirus products have number of advanced features involved within its software as in-built features. One such advanced feature is “Real-Time Scanning” that performs its scanning process of files in the real time i.e. at the time when they are created, opened, or copied.Apart from this, the real-time scanning feature scans the device memory units, whenever it has been started by the users.

By utilizing the feature of located within the Real- Time Scanning feature i.e. Startup Settings of McAfee Activate, the users could easily specify how the software loads on their device, whenever they start their computer. Apart from this, the users could also optimize the speed of the computers, at which the users’ device starts up, by modifying the “Startup Settings” of the McAfee Activate.

McAfee Activate

Steps for changing the Startup Settings of the McAfee Activate are as follows:

  1. First and foremost, launch the McAfee Activate software on the device.
  2. On the main user interface, tap the “Navigation” option displayed at the rightmost corner.
  3. And then, click the “Real –Time Scanning” option.
  4. After this, launch the “Startup Setting” drawer.

(Important Note: If the users are unable to locate the “Startup Settings” of the McAfee Activate software then, the users may refer the contact us section of the link:

Now, the users may set the Startup Settings as preferred by the users :

  1. Mark the “Check for all known threats after startup, for the fastest startup time” checkbox to set the device to boot with the fastest speed.
  2. Mark the “Check for all known threats during startup, for a regular startup time” checkbox to start the McAfee activate scanner at startup only.
  1. At last, click the “Apply” button.

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