How to create, modify, and delete a password from McAfee TrueKey?

TrueKey is a password manager that enables an easy sign into the multiple websites. In other words, once you add passwords of different accounts to the TrueKey, you can directly access them without getting involved in the hassle of entering the password separately for each account.

When you access a free version of the McAfee TrueKey that can be availed from, you can store up to 15 passwords in it, whereas its paid version comes up with unlimited password storage feature. Using the McAfee TrueKey Password Generator is completely safe as it creates a strong password that can be used as a master password to log in different accounts.

mcafee truekey

Steps to create a password for a new website

If you want to create a password for a new site then following the below-given instructions:

  1. Open your web browser and click the True Key icon in the password section
  2. Click Generate on the Generator pop-up window
  3. Now, TrueKey will generate a strong password and settle in the Password and then verify the Password fields for the new website
  4. Once done, TrueKey will automatically store the username along with the newly created password for that particular website

At times, you may need to modify or delete a password from TrueKey. For this also, you need to follow a series of instructions that have been mentioned below:

  1. Open the Password Details page in the TrueKey and hit the Pencil icon available in the right of the name of the website
    • You can find this icon under List option
  2. Change the password and then hit Save
  3. Your new password is updated!

Steps to delete a password from TrueKey!

If any of your accounts is no longer in use and you are using a free version of the TrueKey then it is good to delete the password for that website or account. That’s because the deletion will vacant the space enabling you to add more passwords to the McAfee Activate TrueKey. To delete a password, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Password Details page and then click the trash icon to the right side of the name of the sites displayed on the page
  2. It’s done!

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