McAfee Cyber security Survey Results in the favor of Gamers

Cybersecurity officials hold the thought of gamers and the fresh aspect they bring to cybersecurity concerns.

Cybersecurity organizations are under constant pressure to deal with rapidly increasing cyber attack. The main issue is that many higher-ranking security managers feel the difficulty and complexity to take an action against the kind of talents of emerging threats as the attacks are noticed to be in a voluminous amount.  A newly launched report by McAfee says that the solution can be taken out if the focus is shifted to gamers than on attackers.

The data announced by McAfee also tells about the concept of gamification – the idea of applying elements on games to non-game tasks and activities. Gamification, the application of game-design elements, is gaining its importance as a utility to drive a better-working cyber security firm.

Out of 10 organizations, five said they already conduct some sort of gamification exercises once in a year. One of the most common gamification exercises organized is of capturing the flag. The task is a challenge between the red and blue team, as mentioned by McAfee. This is more of a conflict between Hackers and defenders exercise – and McAfee cyber security firm is not booting up a counterfeit play-off and will go on for a spin.

Survey Conducted by McAfee

A survey of more than 300 senior security managers and almost 650 security experts was organized by McAfee as a part to execute the reports to compare the weight of hackers against defenders.  Half of those who participated in the conducted analysis said that they will struggle to deal with the constantly growing cyber attacks or might even fail to defend themselves. The key result that came out is knowing that the cyber security firm has a shortage in staffs who were to deal with emerging threats, as 85% of them found it difficult to acquire necessary skills in a good quantity.

To determine the quantity of highly skilled cyber security developers, the extracted results suggest that focusing on engaged and immersed gamers who play any kind of online competitions, could be a logical step toward cutting the gap off.

McAfee says nearly 91% of the aspirants consider that gaming easily pays off players to experience and develop skills for critical cyber security threat hunting. The aim is to develop skills to understand the how to come up to adversaries, be more logical, and a new approach compared to customary cyber security hires. Interestingly, these ideas are coming out from the perspective of security professional.

Moreover, 75% of senior managers consider hiring a gamer even if the candidate did not have relevant or more cyber security experience and training. About 76% said that today’s generation getting into cybersecurity career have been grown up playing video games and are considered to be stronger applicants for cybersecurity positions than customary hires. Gamers develop enough skills playing video games to grasp clues. McAfee activate is persistently working on to develop relevant skills to weigh down against hackers.

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