Troubleshoot the Issues Caused by McAfee Access Protection Rules And Behavior Blocking

When you install McAfee Virus Scan security software, there are certain things you need to maintain in order to eliminate any sort of issues or error message. Check for the instructions and requirements as you subscribe to get McAfee activate for data security.

McAfee Access Protection


For users who have an active subscription of McAfee Virus Scan could face issues while setting McAfee Access Protection rules. You will start noticing these symptoms if there is any problem with your McAfee Virus Scan business subscription:

  • Error message: A rule was violated, and the rule is set to Warn only
  • Error message: A rule was violated, and the rule is set to Warn and Block
  • You will also notice email stops sending successfully as you install VSE
  • Error message: A McAfee process has not established trust with Access Protection due to a recent install

To fix the problem, find the troubleshooting steps. However, prior to do anything, make sure that have valid license or visit to confirm. With the reference of this article, you will get certain information about opening or altering the registry. (Please note that the article is applicable on McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE)).

Steps to determine the Access Protection Log to analyze the logged entries:

  1. Double-click on McAfee’s icon to launch the software on the screen
  2. Click  settings and go to McAfee Virus Scan Console
  3. Click right on the Access Protection option
  4. Select to View log file and you will notice the AccessProtectionLog.txt file launches
  5. Review all the recent entries in the Access Protection Log file
  • If the above step is not taking your to the location where you can track recent entries, chose to disable Buffer Overflow Protection
  1. Inspect the log file and verify if the current log entries match up to the time that the system began displaying problems

If the log messages do not keep up a correspondence with the time that the problems occurred, the issue might not be related to Access Protection. In such a case, it is suggested to take this issue further to McAfee customer support to have manual instructions to fix it.

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