How to protect your business with McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection?

McAfee Endpoint Protection

McAfee provides anti-malware protection, mobile security, prevents the data from getting into the wrong hands, provide email and web security, and many other security features within the suite. It provides the company or the enterprises with the disk encryption for MS-Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets.

With the feature of File Vault and BitLocker Management, McAfee Complete McAfee Endpoint Protection allows the users with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator management.  The ePolicy Orchestrator management of services is encrypted for Windows and Mac users. McAfee also allows with an encryption assistance app for iPhone and Android users to help them in managing password recovery protocol for their respective devices.

Tips– To enjoy its features on your devices, you need to go through the three stages -Downloading > Installing > McAfee Activate.

Here, this article learn about McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection and how it can help you in protecting your business or enterprises.

Some of the salient features of McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection for business are-

  1. Protects all your devices

McAfee protects all your devices whether it is your PC, Mac, virtual systems, and Windows tablets or Android and iOS.

  1. Preventing from the advanced threat protection

McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection (avail it from prevents your system, data, web, and email from the malware, zero-day threats, and from all possible attacks and sources.

  1. Provides a layer for the advanced threat protection

McAfee provides an additional layer for the advanced threat protection like adding encryption, security for the data in cloud storage, firewall for the desktop and laptop, preventing the PC(s) and the laptop(s) from the behavioral zero-day attack, and allowing the email and web security to block phishing and the multistage attacks.

  1. Detecting the threats before they attack your network

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence helps to provide protection from the well-known cyber threats that are prevailing over files, web, messages, and network.

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